Dance performance at the ISLE Center

Sunrise from Sri Pada 

Here are some pictures from the Spring 2014 ISLE program’s Northern tour. The first places we visited were Jaffna and Nagadeepa. Jaffna is where most of the civil war was fought and as a result, many Sri Lankans from other parts of the country have never visited. However, the government is now building a  railway from Colombo to Jaffna. Two of my favorite things about Jaffna were the narrow roads surrounded by water that we had to drive on to get there and the amazing beaches. We also took a boat to Nagadeepa which is a small Sri Lankan island off the Northern coast. The island has a rich religious history because it has been said that Buddha flew from India to Nagadeepa.


ISLE Spring 2014: Journey to Polonnaruwa

The group enjoys at refreshing break on the way to Polonnawura. Here, Kim attempts to cut open a king coconut in order to enjoy the flesh and coconut water that lay dormant inside. Afterwards, the group competed in throwing their empty king coconuts into a tree. The nearby cows looked on adoringly. ( )

ISLE Spring 2014 visits Jaffna

The girls’ host sister in Jaffna displaying some traditional dance moves with Jasmin (left) and Kim (right) participating. What Kim lacks in experience, she makes up for in her enthusiasm. Dancing Stars season 7 champion? (

Our visit to a catholic all girls orphanage. We played a lot of games and had a great time. 


A Hindu Kovil overlooking the University of Peradeniya, new friends, and an auspicious elephant during our first visit to the Uni.


A few pics from all over: A pre-exorcism dance in Kataragama, the window at the “frog” canteen in the university, tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya, the gang at World’s End, and another in Horton Plains


Andrew walks under an elephant for good luck. This is a common ritual for Buddhists on poya days.